I experienced the New Orleans custom of lagniappe on our first visit a few years ago. We were in the Candlelight Lounge waiting for the Treme Brass Band to play, and the bartender brought us our set-ups, half pints of bourbon, bowl of ice, and mixer of choice. Uncle Lionel made his rounds, dancing with every woman in the place to the jukebox while the rest of the band slowly rolled in. And from a table in the back of the bar we served ourselves butter beans and rice, the little “something extra” called lagniappe.

While you might think the word comes from the French colonial era, it’s actually derived from Quechua, the language of the Peruvian Andes. There’s more on wikipedia, natch, but the language isn’t as important as the sentiment. Lagniappe in any form is saying thank you, I appreciate your support, and I hope you’re delighted. I try to offer lagniappe at my “warehouse” sales; check the latest posts to see what it’ll be.