Olive Oil CSA

Community Supported Olive Oil

The Olive Oil CSA is open!

The economics of importing require significant cash up front with a long payback. In the past I borrowed the money, then tried to pay it back as I sold the oil. This worked, sort of, but never quite as well as the theory. I didn’t want to keep adding to the debt, so I created the olive oil csa.

In community supported agriculture, customers pay the farmer a flat fee for a share, then receive their prepaid produce over the course of the growing season. The olive oil csa works much the same way, except I use the money to purchase and ship extra virgin olive oil from Italy.

Here’s how it works. If you send me $100 now, you’ll get $120 worth of olive oil (or anything else I sell) after the shipment arrives from Italy. It usually arrives in May or June. If you’re interested, send me an email for more details.