Lagniappe: Maque Choux Rice Salad with Louisiana Dried Shrimp

Jul 28th, 2014 | By | Category: Blog

maque choux salad

Summer, when sweet corn and tomatoes are at their best, is the time for maque choux. I love the traditional versions, the vegetables braised in extra virgin olive oil (or bacon fat) with a little heat from cayenne and jalapeño. But when it’s hot, I make this salad using the same ingredients, and I add a handful of chopped dried shrimp from Houma.

Chop an onion, a sweet red bell pepper, and a couple of stalks of celery with some leaves attached. Slice the kernels from a couple of ears of sweet corn (I like to use raw corn, but leftover cooked corn works, too). Chop a handful of Louisiana dried shrimp. Slice a few ripe tomatoes, then cut them into bite-sized pieces.

Mix the vegetables in a large bowl with a couple of cups of cooked cooled rice (preferably Kokuho Rose brown rice). Drizzle with a couple of tablespoons of Katz Gravenstein apple cider vinegar, about twice as much extra virgin olive oil, and a tablespoon of stone ground or Creole mustard. Add a few shakes of your favorite Cajun spice blend if you like, and salt to taste.

I had some corn salad in my garden, so I chopped a handful and added it. A few sliced green onions are a good idea, too. When the salad’s done, light a fire in your grill, sprinkle a heavy coat of Tony C’s on a couple of pork shoulder steaks, throw them on the fire, and get ready for dinner.


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