Bread Crumbs

Many of the things I make use bread crumbs, and I’m guilty of assuming that everybody has them around all the time like I do. If you don’t make your own, you should. It’s easy, and the bread crumbs you make are nothing like the canned sawdust offered at most supermarkets. Here’s how I do it.

When whatever loaf we’ve been eating gets down to its last few slices, I cut them into cubes (they process better if cut up a little), lay them out on a sheet pan or cutting board and let them dry out on the counter for a few days. If I’m in a hurry, I’ll put the slices in my old Wedgewood’s oven, where the pilot light keeps the temperature at about 100F. When the bread is really dry, I toss it in a bag, and when the bag starts taking up too much room in the bread drawer, I make crumbs.

I put them in the Cuisinart and process for a few seconds. The results are uneven, a mix of fine powdery crumbs, granular little nuggets, and chunks that look like rejects from the crouton factory. But they work perfectly for my ongoing fritter habit. And they last pretty much forever