Grilled Asparagus, Farro, and Capers with Meyer Lemon Olive Oil

Between soaking and cooking the farro and grilling the asparagus, this would take a serious time commitment if you made it all at once. But it’s a good example of how thinking about meals to come makes preparing them much easier. If I haven’t eaten any farro for a few days I’ll start some soaking, often without a clear idea of what I’ll make with it. I just know that it’ll be used somehow.

And while you could fire up the grill just for the asparagus, it’s a lot easier to throw an extra pound on the fire while you’re making dinner earlier in the week. Just be sure not to eat the surplus.

To make the salad, start with a few cups of cooked, drained farro (for me farro is always Bluebird Grain Farms whole grain farro; soak it overnight, then simmer in salted water to cover for 45 minutes to an hour.). Cut the grilled asparagus into inch long pieces and add them to the farro. Soak a couple of tablespoons of Pantellerian salt-packed capers in cold water for 20 minutes, roughly chop (you can use them whole, but I like the way the flavor permeates the dish when the capers are chopped a bit), and add.

Dice a shallot or two; toss into the bowl. I added a big handful of the French sorrel I have in my garden, but if you can’t find any (I see it at the farmers market occasionally), use flat leaf parsley. Toss with the juice of half  a lemon and about a quarter cup of Katz Meyer lemon olive oil, and taste for salt.