Migas with Ham

Literally “crumbs” in Spanish, migas in Spain are made with stale bread, not the tortillas used in Tex-Mex cooking. Over a medium low flame, cook cubes of stale bread in extra virgin olive until browned (watch them; browned goes to burnt quickly). Add a couple of cloves of coarsely chopped garlic (unless you’ve got some pressing social engagements), and maybe an onion, bell pepper, or leek if you’ve got them.

Add some chopped ham, sprinkle liberally with Pimenton de la Vera (smoked paprika), and add a splash of Katz Gravenstein apple cider vinegar (sherry vinegar is traditional, but the Katz vinegars have much more depth of flavor than most supermarket sherry vinegars). Cook for a few more minutes; serve topped with a runny-yolked egg fried in olive oil.