Chicken with Vinegar

Dredge a half dozen bone-in chicken thighs in flour (mix some flour with salt and pepper in a bag, add thighs, coat with flour, and shake off excess as you take out of bag). Add the thighs, skin side down, to a skillet of hot olive oil (enough to cover the bottom completely). Let them cook for five minutes or so without disturbing to brown the skins. When the thighs release from the pan easily, flip them over and cook for a few more minutes or until lightly browned. Remove the thighs and set aside.

Turn down the heat and add 4-5 chopped garlic cloves and 4-5 finely chopped anchovies to the same skillet. I use salt packed anchovies, which a little extra work (you must rinse and fillet each one, but that only takes a few seconds and is easier than it sounds). Salt packed taste better, but olive oil packed anchovies will work, too.

Cook the garlic and anchovies for a few minutes, but don’t let the garlic brown. Add a healthy splash (maybe a quarter cup) of good vinegar, preferably Katz Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, and stir to mix. Add the thighs, turning to coat with the vinegar but finally resting skin side up. Cover and cook until the thighs are cooked through, about 20 more minutes. Serve with something that can soak up some of the sauce.