Recipe Disclaimer

I put recipes on Real Good Food because I like to cook and want to help other people make things that taste good. I’ve made everything here, and the recipes that get published are usually the things I’m eating regularly at home.

I rarely measure, and the recipes are written from memory. They should be pretty damned close, but there’s no guarantee anything you cook will come out tasting like what I made.

I’ve always viewed recipes as rough guidelines anyway. Unless you’re baking, the exact proportions don’t matter all that much. If you’re a stickler for consistency, measure away and write your own recipes. Otherwise, do this:

Use the best ingredients you can afford. Combine things that are in season together.

Taste. Try whatever you’re cooking as often as possible, and adjust seasonings accordingly. Cook stocks long and slow (I usually make soup at least a day ahead of when I plan to eat it, because it always tastes better after resting).

If you make something here and it’s a complete disaster, feel free to complain about it, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.