Rapini Friitters

Rapini (aka broccoli raab, cime di rapa, etc, and scientifically as Brassica rapa subspecies rapa) is a bitter green related to turnips and an Italian favorite (Italians love bitter flavors). I usually parboil it for a few minutes, then drain and cook a bit longer in olive oil with garlic and anchovies. I had some already parboiled in the refrigerator (since it doesn’t last too long fresh, it’s good to do this step as soon as you get it home), and there was the fresh ricotta, so the obvious next step was making fritters.

Chop about a cup of parboiled rapini and a walnut-sized shallot, and combine them with a cup of ricotta, two eggs, about a half cup of homemade bread crumbs, salt, and pepper.

Heat enough olive oil to cover the bottom of heavy skillet, then use two spoons to shape roughly egg-sized fritters. Slide them gently into the oil and cook until nicely browned on both sides. Sprinkle with flor de sal and eat.