Celery Root & Golden Beet Remoulade

A traditional remoulade is just mayonnaise with tarragon, but the various Creole versions usually include both tomato (typically in the form of ketchup) and mustard. You can make this with just celery root, but the beets add a little more color and nice earthy sweetness.

Peel and grate (food processor easiest, but box grater works; or use a mandoline) a softball-size celery root and three tennis ball-size golden beets (they’re a variety of Chioggia beet, less earthy than red beets; pink Chioggias would work fine).

Dissolve a half teaspoon each salt and sugar in a half cup of Katz Gravenstein apple cider vinegar. Stir in about the same amount of extra virgin olive oil, then add a tablespoon each of horseradish and ketchup and 3 tablespoons of coarse-grain mustard.

Toss the grated vegetables with the dressing. Taste and adjust the salt or vinegar; you want a little acidic zing.