Eggplant Migas

Combining what seem to be my favorite ingredients, this dish could be called migas de berenjena, but I’d never actually heard the Spanish word for eggplant before, so I’m inclined to use a little Italian; migas alla melanzana. Italians use old bread a lot, so I looked for something similar to migas, with fried bread. But the nearest thing is mollica, the fried bread crumbs, often with anchovy and garlic, often substituted for expensive cheese. But I’m sure that somewhere in Italy someone is eating something like this.

Migas are traditional food in Spain, typically fried with garlic, chorizo (the cured version flavored with pimenton), and red pepper, and served with eggs also fried in olive oil. My adaptation uses anchovy instead of pork.

Cube and fry an eggplant. Remove from skillet and set aside. Add a generous pour of extra virgin olive oil and about 2 cups of dried bread cut into cubes. Cook over medium until nicely browned, then add a couple of diced anchovies (as usual, salt-packed are best; these from Cetara are the the very best), a couple of diced garlic cloves, a nice pinch of salt, and the cooked eggplant. Cook together for another 10 minutes or so. Remove from the heat and sprinkle with pimenton. Serve hot