Sweet Potato Bacon Latkes

You can leave out the pork to keep these kosher (in the secular sense, of course) or go all treyf by adding crumbled cooked bacon.

Grate (I find a simple box grater works better than the food processor) equal parts russet and sweet potatoes, but do the russets first and squeeze as much liquid out as you can (follow these basic latke instructions). Combine in a bowl with a couple of eggs, a finely chopped onion, good pinch of salt, and about a quarter to half cup of flour for each potato (I use white whole wheat; matzoh meal is more traditional). Add as much bacon as you want, roughly a slice or two per potato; or leave it out.

Cover the bottom of a heavy skillet with extra virgin olive oil and heat ove medium until it shimmers. Gently spoon the potato mix into the oil, forming patties (or fritters, which is basically what these are), about 2 inches across. Flatten gently, then cook for several minutes or until nicely browned. Flip carefully and brown the other side, then transfer to a plate (I don’t usually bother with draining on towels).

Latkes are best right out of the pan, sprinkled with flor de sal and served with ketchup (these are pure goy latkes).